Homework For All Classes

24 Oct

ENC 1101 MWF:
1) Read Chapter 7 “Narration” in From Idea to Essay
2) Read Henry Giroux’s Breaking in to the Movies Excerpt
3) Respond to Henry Giroux Reading Journal Post
4) Revisit questions on Dead Poets Society and indicate any changes in your answers after writing the in-class essay on Friday and hearing everyone’s personal paragraphs

ENC 1101 TR:
1) Bring essay 3, analysis of an advertisement, to class, housed in a folder with introductory paragraph, 2 body paragraph topic sentences, cluster diagram completed to the 4th level, and peer review – all of which must be clearly labeled. I will be counting off for missing folders. The late paper policy is in effect. No late papers will be graded unless you have received confirmation from me prior to tomorrow for an extension. Remember that I will be grading you on several different scales, some of which include strong thesis statements and topic sentences and adherence to comma rules. Also, remember to clearly indicate that you went to the writing center on the top of your final draft if you did not get a stamp. I will only give you credit for the writing center visit after confirmation has been received from the communications center.
2) Begin answering questions on Dead Poets Society

ENC 1102 TR:
1) Bring group work to class and be prepared to present a solid comparative thesis statement on Death of a Salesman and The Truman Show
2) Complete the group assignment on your own essay topic. You will find a pdf copy of the assignment under the assignments link on our WebCT page. I will be collecting these for a grade.


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