10 Oct

The 3rd set of essays have been graded, as promised, and will be returned at roughly 9:45 am tomorrow morning.  All your drafts and peer-reviews paid off tremendously as this class produced a strong set of essays. Many of them were enjoyable reads as well so thank you to those of you who really put effort into your writing!

The reading assignment for this week should be posted later today. Again, for MWF, the reading and reading journal posts will be due on Wednesday. For my TR classes, yours will be due on Thursday.

The advertising analysis assignment will be handed out Monday and Tuesday respectively. All ENC 1101 classes are slightly behind schedule on the syllabus in terms of the essay assignment. MWF essay portfolios will be due Monday 10/18 and TR essay portfolios will be due Thursday 10/21.

MWF classes will be working on cause/effect exercises in relation to the essay assignment on Monday so be sure to bring in a printed image of your chosen advertisement.  You may either find an advertisement in a magazine or on the web. You may also take a picture of a billboard or other public advertisement or do a frame grab of a video/television advertisement. Whatever you choose, bring a printed copy to class on Monday or you will not be able to participate and will receive a grade of zero on the assignment.

TR classes will be working on group assignments on Tuesday. You will need to bring your printed advertisement on Thursday as well as your introductory paragraphs for essay 3. Failure to bring either of these will result in a zero on the assignment.

I will try to have TR classes essay 2 graded by Tuesday, although I make no promises.


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