Analysis of an Advertisement Assignment

7 Oct

Comp I students.

We’re going to talk a little bit about a concept called “culture jamming” on Friday as another potential site of analysis for your “analysis of an advertisement” assignment. Basically, culture jamming is when someone revises something within popular culture, superimposes something on  popular culture, or otherwise alters the message of popular culture (or advertising) in an attempt to gain control of and change the original intended meaning.  One means of doing this is through graffiti and another is hacking into a website, television program, or radio frequency as a means of deterring the intended message. By whatever means, it is the way in which the consumer takes control of the message either to scramble the message or to send another entirely different, often contrasting message.  If you are so adventurous as to find an example of culture jamming that you would like to pursue for your analysis essay, you have my permission to do so.

If you are the Wikipedia type, here’s a link to the sites’ definition:

One example that was brought to my attention today was a response to a Superbowl commercial:


“Jammed” version:

We’ll talk more about this on Friday.


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