Reading Begins Again

3 Oct

Day 5 of anthrax-strong antibiotics, and I am finally on my feet again. I mean this quite literally as my feet have not touched the cold terrazzo floor often in the past 4 days. Grading has resumed, and I am very slowly reading through your essays. Many of them have been very strong in the current class – 10304 – very good sick reading material.

Should progress continue at the rate of the past few days, I anticipate returning on Monday. My composition I classes need not worry about any readings at this point for Monday/Tuesday. We will probably take a week-long break from online readings, catch up, and focus on our textbook. You need to complete your readings in the textbook by Wednesday/Thursday depending on your class’s scheduled meeting time: Chapters 6 and 20.

Thank the many of you who gave Ms. Snow a warm welcome to our classroom. She filled me in on the progress all of you made in writing thesis statements, and she enjoyed the interactions and thoughts produced. Although Ms. Snow told me about a few groups where some members were not participating, she had high praises for many of your groups for the thoughtfulness and critical thinking displayed in your work,

We will be discussing thesis statements more on Monday/Tuesday, so if you failed to turn in your group’s thesis statements, be prepared to do so in class when we meet again.

And just to say this again for clarification: Reading Journal posts deal with online readings; Writing Journal posts are reflections on the writing you do in our class.


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